Why Choose Us? Proven Results.

A clean record is essential. Even a traffic misdemeanor can hinder ability to find a job.

We are experienced. We have been practicing criminal / traffic defense for more than two decades. We know how the system works, both sides, having been former prosecutors. We have earned our colleagues, adversaries, Judges,  and clients respect in the criminal justice system.

We care: We commonly say, "Your problem is our problem, and we want to be part of  the solution".

We are available: Our clients can get our attention anytime, day or night. We know that when a person is in trouble with the law, it can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to find the time and clarity needed to make the right choices to building a solid defense strategy. Many lawyers practice a wide range of disciplines, which can aversly affect the attention that an individual receives. We do not dabble in personal injury, bankruptcy, contested divorces, contested wills and estates, so that we can focus exclusively on the tactics of our  client's defense.

We have kept convictions off of thousands of our clients records.

There is no better reason.  

Keep your life on track.

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