Drunk driving convictions including DUI, (Driving Under the Influence)  OWI, (Operating While Intoxicated)  OWVI, (Operating While Visably Impaired)  OUID, (Operating Under the Influence of Drugs) can haunt your record and are not traditionally expungable.

Therefore, focus should be directed to the case itself, during adjudication.

What we offer:

Comprehensive Representation:

Let our experienced, agressive, knowledgeable,  help you vehemently defend a drunk driving case with knowledge and expertise.  We offer:

We work closely with our clients, providing each  with the personal attention they deserve, on a case by case basis. We will help you understand  the charges you are facing as well as what the potential penanties are. Then we will work together to come up with the best strategy to get your charges drastically reduced or dismissed.

A conviction may stay on your record for the rest of your life. Like a tattoo, it stays with you.

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